Website Update 0.1.3

I’m here with some updates from the website 😀

Added Songs:

BRING IT ON – Go To Here ↗

Paradichlorobenzene – Go To Here ↗

Torinoko City – Go To Here ↗

Senbonzakura (Ballade) – Go To Here ↗

Dandan Takaku Naru – Go To Here ↗

Dandan Hayaku Naru – Go To Here ↗

Shop Discontinued, for now..

The shop did not performed well as expected, and I probably should have known that too. It increased my hosting costs and was not worth it. Although, I STILL TAKE ORDERS. Just not through the shop but through my email.

Thanks for understanding.

Shop will probably be open within 1-2 years time.

~ Destly

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