Channel Quarterly Review, Roadmap and more | Q1 2019

Welcome all to the first year-in review for the website, channel and more. Here I’ll discuss what has happened within the past few months regarding the state of the channel, released songs, upcoming songs and a roadmap throughout 2019.

 Youtube Analytics (Early February to March)
Youtube Analytics (Early February to March)

State of the channel

Comparing from Q4 2018, which I was mostly still inactive and upload less often than desired, we saw an increase of almost 20%, which is awesome as finally my redemption arc is finally taking place.

What have we done so far

Well its a slow quarter as we have only done around 11 songs so far over the past three months. It is fairly slow but it does take time transcribing some of it and in the middle of a semester it is difficult to manage.

What to expect

So second quarter we will expect almost if not probably 15+ songs during the next three months. Looking to be more productive and ramp back up the effort.


As some of you might not now, I have been demonitized for majority of 2018, missing the subscriber cutoff and failure to comply with some YouTube guidelines. Over the year, I have aimed to produce more “original” content based on my arrangements and such (at least 40% of the songs on 2018 has been somewhat modified by me). Good news that as of last month I have been re-monetized and be able to make some earnings from this videos, perfect for my noodle addiction.

Previews of upcoming songs

To those who have read this far, here is a reward. This will be the songs I will GUARANTEE to work on this quarter, enjoy 😀

~ Within 1 month ~

Otome Dissection (Miku) [DECO*27]

What’s Inside (Miku) [Pinocchio-P]

Nocturnal Kids (Miku) [DECO*27]

~ Within 2 months ~

Candle Queen (Gumi) [GHOST] (user won submitted song)

~ Within 3 months ~

First (Lily) [niki] (user won submitted song)

*timeline approximate, subject to change

In closing

It has been a really good quarter for the channel and the website. Things are going up and up and up, which is really, I mean, REALLY nice. Hope this helped on knowing where the channel will head onwards.


~ Destly

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