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What Happened?

Apologies that my previous website was out of commission for several days – I cancelled my Squarespace subscription since the monthly costs of maintaining that website were too high, which prompted me to find an alternative. Luckily WordPress was the perfect solution, and I have been re-organizing my content here to optimize your viewing experience.

At the time of writing, only the anime tab has been restored. The vocaloid tab will be updated over the next few days. Any major updates will be announced in this post.

ETA for fully operational website: End of January 2020

Thank you for your attention and support!


Dec 09 – Domain renewed and sites are transferred, started working on restoring files
Dec 10 – Anime tab is restored and fully functional
Dec 11 – Vocaloid tab is now being worked on. Expected for # – A, B and C to be up by end of day
Dec 12 – “# – A” and “B” tabs are operational. Navigation tweaks.
Dec 15 – “C” and “D” tabs are on being worked on.
Dec 17 – BIG CHANNEL REORGANIZING – Website and Youtube channel will undergo several long overdue changes (proper credit placements, formatting issues)
Dec 18 – “C” tab fully operational
Dec 22 – “D” and “E” tabs are now on construction
Dec 27 – “D” and “E” tabs are now operational. “F”, “G”, “H” and “I” on construction
Dec 31 – “F” through “L” is operational
Jan 02 – “M” though “O” is operational
Jan 15 – “R” though “V” is under construction
Jan 15 – Winter 2020 songs will be added next week
Jan 26 – “P” now operational. Winter 2020 to follow suit
Jan 31 – “Q” through “S” now operational
Feb 01 – “T” through “Z” now operational. Website migration COMPLETE. Will add new content going forward

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