16 thoughts on “Help Center

  1. Hello, this is Tomy , a drummer from HK.

    I am writing the drum note of the song “ヒロインたるもの! Heroine ) Tarumono!” , but I can’t find this here.

    Would you mind to upload/send me this midi?

    Besides , if you need Drum midi of Anime song , I can write it =D

    I am looking forward for your reply. Please keep in touch!! =D


  2. I’m looking for the midi for “Sore Wo Ai To Yobudake” and the video linked to this site, but I can’t find it. Is it just not up yet?


  3. I came from your Date A Bullet “Only Wish” video from YouTube. I was hoping to find the midi on this site, but I am having trouble finding it. Please let me know if I’m missing it, or if it just hasn’t been uploaded yet.



  4. Hello,

    I am working on a remix of Miko Iino’s character song (Othello), but there isn’t a download available for the MIDI. Can you send it to me via email, please?

    Thank you!


  5. Hey! I’m commenting again because I think my previous reply was picked up by a spam filter. Can you give me the MIDI for your Othello (Miko Iino character song) transcription, please? The download for it is not on this website at the moment.

    Thank you!


  6. Hi! I really liked your short arrangement of the Rent-a-Girlfriend episode 3 OST. I couldn’t find that song anywhere and your arrangement was a bop. I was wondering if you would give me permission to transcribe the cover and write sheet music for it? I don’t know if you plan to write sheet music, but if you don’t, I would really love to help you out with it! I use a program called Musescore and will post it on the site as well as giving you the pdf if you wanted to link it in your description. Of course I would give all credits to you guys. If I have permission, I would like to also post the sheet on my YouTube channel. It’s a small hobby channel, with the same name, and I would appreciate it. Found you today and love your guys’ work!


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